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When electrics in a property become old and dated you can be left with a system that is faulty and potentially dangerous.

Older systems and items such as wiring, fuses, circuit boards and sockets may not have all of the modern safety features that are required in order to function properly which can leave you with numerous faults throughout a property.

Do you need a full or part re-wire.

Pride Home Electrical Services are aware of the dangers, costs and negatives associated with old and outdated systems and with many people unaware as to whether they need a re-wire, we wanted to note a few common signs that will save you time and money if you act fast;

  • Old / exposed wiring
  • Fuses blow on a regular basis
  • Warm sockets and plugs
  • Scorch marks on the sockets and plugs
  • Black rubber cables – These cables were abolished in the late 60′s as they would often rot and cause the consumer unit (Fuse board) to trip often.
  • Wall mounted light switches in a bathroom
  • Plug sockets in a skirting board
  • Cast iron light switches
  • Not had a re-wire in the last 20 – 25 years

Re-wires are quite a large project but are a necessity, especially with electricity usage evolving with the latest gadgets and technology.

By enlisting the help of Pride Home Electrical Services, one of our experienced and qualified electricians will arrange an appointment and go through every aspect of the re-wire in your property.

All of our electricians work to the latest Edition of British Standards.

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