Consumer Units

Consumer Units And Replacements

The Consumer Unit (also known as a Fuse board) is the most crucial device within your domestic electrical system, as everything is controlled from this point. This is why it is so important to invest in a modern consumer unit that can handle the everyday demands made by a typical modern household.

Like with our re-wiring service, most people are not aware of the potential risks and hazards associated with a dated consumer unit and the costly repercussions should it go ignored.

Technology and electronic devices are forever evolving as is the strain that is put on a electrical system. Having a modern Consumer Unit will ensure that your home will cope for at least another 10 years with no issues.

Consumer Unit Replacement

An example of a dated consumer unit is below and will act as a significant indicator that you need a new unit;



The Consumer units pictured above are a good example of an outdated unit. These units were acceptable throughout the 90′s but are struggling to cope with the technology and standards of our present day.

Free Consumer Unit Inspection

Our free inspection of your Consumer unit can put your mind at rest within minutes. One of our electricians will arrange an appointment, inspect your system and let you know if there are any concerns. It is that simple!

Should you have any concerns regarding your consumer unit that need an electricians expertise, please contact one of the Pride Home Electrical Service team on 0161 764 1450 or 07884 184842.

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